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Creamy Sweet Potato Soup

Share:TwitterFacebookPinterestTumblrGoogle+StumbleUponemail Even as the weather starts to warm up, I remain dedicated to eating soup. No matter how warm it is outside, when lunchtime rolls around I’m often at work indoors, bundled up in sweaters and scarves (yes, you…

Garden Vegetable Soup


Share:TwitterFacebookPinterestTumblrGoogle+StumbleUponemail Those of you who have ever been on the Weight Watchers diet are undoubtedly intimately familiar with Garden Vegetable Soup. Share:TwitterFacebookPinterestTumblrGoogle+StumbleUponemail…

potato leek soup

Potato Leek Soup

Share:TwitterFacebookPinterestTumblrGoogle+StumbleUponemailI’m starting a personal campaign (not to be confused with a new year’s resolution) to convince myself that comfort food doesn’t have to be fattening. We all think of “comfort food” as big bowls of cheese and chocolate that…