You may have noticed something different about our web address. We’re a “.kitchen” now, not a “.com.”

If you look at the web address in your browser’s URL bar, you’ll notice we’re “” Why a .kitchen domain, instead of a .com, .net or other extension? There are a few reasons, but the ultimate one is that the kitchen is the best place in the home. It’s where people gather, connect and break bread. It’s where you pour wine and toast to good news and it’s where you start your day with coffee.

For the first time in 30 years of the Internet, there is choice in naming on the internet, with words  like .kitchen, .restaurant, .catering, .recipes, .pizza, .coffee and many more. These names are more meaningful, memorable and of course, available than their .com counterparts. Instead of being limited only to .com names, there is a whole world of creativity out there for small business owners, bloggers and individuals creating new websites.

For two years, I worked for Donuts Inc., the largest owner operator of new “not-com” domain names. As soon as I learned about all of these great new naming options, I snapped up so that this site could finally have the web address that, in my biased opinion, I believe it deserves.

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