The Much-Overdue Vacation Photos Post

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Beautiful pool

So I finally uploaded my vacation photos from South Carolina.

I really need to start using Flickr or something along those lines so I can add watermarks, blur people’s faces and the other fun stuff that bloggers do to their photos to “protect privacy” and all that jazz.

So for now, here are a handful of photos from my vacation.

I’d post more, but with each one, I get more depressed that I’m not STILL THERE. I really need to think about living in a part of the world where pools are a permanent fixture at everyone’s homes instead of you know, a summer thing.

No kids allowed at the swim club

I spent the week with good family friends at their home near the Kiawah Beach Club, which is home to a few restaurants, spa, fitness centers, numerous pools, a beach bar and this adults only pool, which was so quiet and peaceful overlooking the ocean.

The pool bar also happened to have very tasty margaritas, a MUST on any vacation. Right?

Looks kinda like NYC, right?

Everything in South Carolina was so lush and green, so much more than in the Northeast, even in the summer time. We went on a bike ride and took in a lot of the scenery but this was snapped from the pool. Not a shabby view.

Bike ride along the golf course

My friend’s home is right on the golf course. I don’t play golf (I can barely play miniature golf) but there sure is some nice scenery along the course.

The puppy that made me want one

My friend’s dog is pretty freaking adorable. Now I wish I had one.

Peaceful lake

I could have stayed here all summer long. I loved being so close to the water and surrounded by so much nature.

View from the plane

The flight attendant snapped at me for taking this photo (I guess “no electronics” really means “no electronics” but it was worth it for the posterity.

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  • Reply
    August 18, 2008 at 3:00 am

    The adult only photo is worth going on vacation alone!!!! NICE!
    And no there was no occasion for me making the cake pops! I guess I just got a wild hair! I sent half to my sisters house and half to the hubbys work!

  • Reply
    August 18, 2008 at 3:00 am

    Gorgeous pictures! I want to be there too!

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