The Public Burger at The Pump Room

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public burger at the pump room
public burger at the pump room

Photo: Elizabeth Ginter

There are plenty of places to get “the best burger in Chicago. Bavette’s and RockIt Burger Bar, we’re looking at you. In fact we have probably featured enough of Chicago’s burgers that we could turn it into a regular column (dibs on that assignment).

Last week, I encountered another burger that deserves its moment in the sun: the Public Burger at Pump Room. Located in the Public Hotel, Pump Room is a great place to grab a drink or meet for a lunch meeting. If said lunch meeting happens to follow an epic night of cocktails, a big juicy burger is just what your hangover needs.

The burger breakdown: high-quality beef cooked to perfection on a sesame bun that somehow absorbs all the juices but never gets soggy. Fresh herbed mayonnaise and a pillow of dry aged cheddar cheese layers the bun. You’ll also bite into thinly sliced cucumbers and some pickled jalapeños, that add a hint of spice and cut some of the richness. Take another bite and while you savor the flavors, what’s that standing out? A touch of mint in the mayonnaise adds an unexpected air of refreshment.

You may or may not believe us and think that we’ve just fallen trap to a $16.00 burger in a fancy hotel lounge. Well, we can assure you that this burger is one that when it arrives and you take your first bite, you stop talking to the people sitting next to you so that you can be one with the sandwich in your hands. If you start talking to the burger instead of your dining companions, they will understand.

The Public Burger is served with perfectly cooked French fries, crispy on the outside and seasoned with rosemary and sea salt…also good for soaking up the previous night’s shenanigans.

The Pump Room at The Public Hotel, 1301 North State Parkway. For more information call 312.787.3700 or visit online.

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