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street food feast
street food feast

Photo: Tanta

Remember those 2 a.m. nights during college when you knew you wanted something to eat, but you couldn’t decide for the life of you whether to order pizza, Chinese, a sandwich or all three?Well, apparently Gastón Acurio understands that dilemma better than most.

At his newest hotspot, Tanta, you’ll find an expansive menu with some of the city’s most flavorful and comforting new dishes (looking at you, Chaufa Aeropuerto). But out of everything I tried during my recent dinner at the River-North restaurant, I had the most fun with the aptly named Street Food Feast.

Why? Simple, I got to try a little bit of everything. Also, it was all fried.

True to form, the feast comes on a massive platter with four decadent menu items: empanadas (so savory and flaky that I nearly asked for extras); antichuchos, or beef skewers dressed in chimichurri, corn and huacatay; Peruvian potatoes with creamy huancaina sauce; and my personal favorite, Pan con Chicharron. These were similar to pork-belly sliders, but I’m convinced they’re a creation that exists solely to ruin all other types of food for me and anyone else who eats them.

All four selections come in twos, which is the best thing in the world if you’re down to share, and the worst thing in the world if you want to eat the entire thing yourself. But even if you’re seconds away from wrestling your dining partner for the second empanada, the rest of Tanta’s menu is reason enough to talk yourself off that dark, dark ledge.

From awesome drinks and apps to stunningly complex mains like Chupe – a seafood stew that arrived at our table literally bubbling over – Tanta is a must-visit. And if you can’t decide between everything on the menu, just order the Street Food Feast and never look back.

Tanta, 118 West Grand Avenue. 312-222-9700 or visit online.

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