Wine Wednesday: Butter Chardonnay for Mother’s Day

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There are a few things that I inherited from my mom: her witty sense of humor, her complete and utter inability to keep a surprise to herself (“I’m sending you a birthday present….do you want me to tell you what it is?) and also, her love for snacks. Especially when you can eat those snacks for dinner.

I’m not sure if a love for the snack-dinner is something that every mother dreams of passing on to her daughter, but my mother passed that on to me. Both of us can make a full meal out of noshes — cheese, crackers, chips, dip, guacamole.

One time, I spoke to my mom on the phone and asked her what she had eaten for dinner.

Her response? A box of instant mashed sweet potatoes and a cucumber.”

Well, maybe that was taking snack dinner a little too far.

My favorite snack dinner is a demi baguette, a chunk of triple creme brie, some fig preserves and maybe a few thin and wispy slices of prosciutto.

And of course, a great bottle of wine.

JaM Cellars makes three easy-to-love, everyday California wines Butter Chardonnay, JaM Cabernet and Toast Sparkling.  Second-generation Napa Valley vintners John and Michele are the “J” and the “M” in JaM Cellars. They made these wines in a style they love, to enjoy with their friends any day of the week.

You know how people say everything is better with butter? Well, snack dinner is definitely better with Butter.

I tend not to gravitate toward Chardonnays but this one is different. It is full of flavor without being too heavy on the palate. It has notes of lemon, stone fruit and vanilla. I especially love that the wine is almost effervescent — cold fermented to a lush creaminess and aged it in a unique blend of oak.

Made in the tradition of great California winemaking, Butter is rich, bold and luscious, all for under $20.

Butter is the perfect pairing for your next snack dinner.  When I visit my mom next weekend, maybe I’ll smuggle a bottle in my checked luggage.

The Wine

Why should you drink this wine? Butter Chardonnay is a great everyday wine. It has a little effervescence that makes it perfect for patio drinking and it’s super food friendly.   

When should you drink this wine? Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. I kid. I prefer white wines in the Spring and Summer but there is no bad time to drink Butter. 

How should you drink this wine? Chilled and crisp. I like Chardonnay as cold as possible and Butter is no different. 

Food Pairings: Serve Butter with your favorite snack dinner, or pair with a meal. I like Chardonnays with Crab Cakes with Spicy Remoulade, 10-Minute Spicy Shrimp and GritsGrilled Chicken Breasts with Lemon and Garlic or a light and simple Corn Frittata with Pecorino-Romano Cheese.

If you love to try new wines, look for Butter Chardonnay with the JaM Cellars Store Locator. Follow JaM Cellars on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for daily wine inspiration, fun happenings and events. Sign up for The Scoop to get the latest delivered right to your inbox.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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