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The 10 Best Rosé Wines You Can Still Drink This Summer


Share: The rosé season is in full swing and there is no reason to stop drinking it when you put your white pants away after Labor Day. Club W, the world’s only personalized wine club, has some incredible bottles this summer, including their latest…

Wine Wednesday: Butter Chardonnay for Mother’s Day

Food, Wine

Share: There are a few things that I inherited from my mom: her witty sense of humor, her complete and utter inability to keep a surprise to herself (“I’m sending you a birthday present….do you want me to tell you what…

Pairing Chocolates with Wine and Spirits

Entertaining, Home

Share:If you’re like a lot of Americans, Valentine’s Day is about flowers, candy and of course, chocolate. This year, some of the experts are taking a love for truffles and chocolate dipped strawberries to the next level by pairing chocolate with…