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Wine Wednesday: Butter Chardonnay for Mother’s Day

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Share: There are a few things that I inherited from my mom: her witty sense of humor, her complete and utter inability to keep a surprise to herself (“I’m sending you a birthday present….do you want me to tell you what…

What You Need to Know About Organic Wine

Food, Wine

Share: We are used to seeing organic eggs, organic fruit and organic milk at the supermarket. Lately, organic wine has begun to appear on the shelves at wine shops. Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or a social drinker, you…


#WineWednesday: All About (Champagne) Bubbles

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Share: The average wine list has at least three sections: reds, whites and sparkling. We sometimes associate sparkling wine with Champagne when in fact, Champagnes are only produced from the Champagne region in France. That leaves a whole lot…