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Things I Love (v 12)


Share:TwitterFacebookPinterestTumblrGoogle+StumbleUponemailWith summer in full swing, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate and plenty of ways to make those celebrations special and festive. Whether it’s rosé on a patio, a beach picnic or even your morning commute there are…

Things I Love (v 11)


Share:TwitterFacebookPinterestTumblrGoogle+StumbleUponemailFor a short time after graduating college, I lived in New York City. Though I used to tell people I enjoyed being in such close proximity to restaurants, arts and culture, it was rare that I experienced any art…

Things I Love (v 10)


Share:TwitterFacebookPinterestTumblrGoogle+StumbleUponemailAnother Friday, five more favorites. Greeting cards, puppies and wine…who is ready for the weekend? Grown Ass Lady Card I love to send and receive greeting cards, even though my process of sending them typically means that said cards…

Things I Love (v 9.0)


Share:TwitterFacebookPinterestTumblrGoogle+StumbleUponemailIt’s the last day of July and in college, that meant we would celebrate the “new month.” It was usually an excuse to go out and party on a weeknight, emulating a new year’s countdown at midnight. In honor…