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lucky bamboo plant
lucky bamboo plant

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The Lucky Bamboo plant is one of the most popular feng shui cures for home or office. Most floral shops stock numerous types of lucky bamboo, which in the traditional art of feng shui, is used to attract health, happiness, love and abundance.

My Lucky Bamboo plant arrived as a housewarming gift from a good friend and colleague who must have known that if I am going to keep a plant alive, I would need a little bit of luck.

Lucky Bamboo, also known as Ribbon Plant, is not actually bamboo, but a member of the lily family that grows in the tropical rainforest. Unlike true bamboo, is easy to grow indoors and really? I would never have known the difference if I didn’t become obsessed with the cheerful little plant and dedicate myself to some serious online research.

According to Feng Shui masters, wherever bamboo is placed, good fortune is sure to follow. Generally, an indoor bamboo plant is considered lucky in feng shui when it combines all five feng shui elements, which are wood (the bamboo itself), Earth (the rocks the bamboo grows in), water (the water the bamboo grows with), fire (some pots have a red ribbon tied to them, mine arrived in a red box), metal (the glass pots that contain the plant).

Bamboo brings peaceful and wise energy into your home. It’s hollow stalks teach the ultimate wisdom: how to be flexible and open on the inside so that the spirit can freely flow and heal your being. Ancient Chinese tradition states that the number of lucky bamboo stalks have different meanings and bring different beneficial factors into your life, such as happiness, health, wealth and longevity.

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