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Bailey’s Irish Iced Coffee

Recipes, Sweet Treats, Things to Drink

Share: Last Christmas, my friend Anita introduced me to Bailey’s Original Irish Cream.  I’d never tried it before because I’m not one for sweet or sugary cocktails, I’ll take a glass of dry red wine over a frilly martini…

How to Make a Hot Mulled Drink

Food, Things to Drink

Share:I decided tonight that Thanksgiving simply won’t be Thanksgiving without a signature cocktail. A mulled drink, to be exact. Do I sound like I’m going overboard? I usually go overboard.  Share:…

best moscow mule

Best Moscow Mule

Recipes, Things to Drink

Share: The Moscow Mule is a refreshing vodka-based cocktail with spicy ginger beer and fresh lime juice. This recipe is quick, easy, classic, and can be customized by adding your favorite muddled fruit. Share:…