Luck Is Everywhere: 4/4 Day of Luck


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In high school, I had a science teacher who used to say, “luck is more important than talent, because if you’re talented, then you’re lucky to be talented.”

That made a lot more sense at age 14 than it does now, but I still believe in celebrating luck, however you slice and dice it. Our lives are filled with lucky moments, no matter how often you play the lottery.

On April 4, thousands of Chicagoans had a “day of luck.” To celebrate its Luck is Everywhere campaign, the Illinois Lottery spent the day conducting giveaways, along with surprise and delight opportunities at more than one Chicago event.


Here in Chicago, the day began with complimentary donuts and coffee for patrons at Beaver’s Donuts, continued with delicious grilled cheese sandwiches, chips and beverages at Cheesie’s (yes, there is a such thing as free lunch). Finally, despite the snowy (yes, you read that correctly) and cold weather conditions, the Flirty Cupcakes truck handed out free cupcakes to the first 100 passersby.

PicMonkey Collage day of luck

I can tell you from firsthand experience, it’s a lucky day when someone hands you a freshly baked cupcake from Flirty Cupcakes. Both “Flirty Cupcakes Dessert Garage” and “Flirty Cupcakes on Wheels” pledge to feed your cupcake addiction, one craving at at time. Mission accomplished.

Even though it’s April, Chicago’s weather presented as less than stellar for the lucky day, with rain and light snow showers alternating throughout the day. Because the weather was less than stellar, and it also happened to be Monday, it made the events of the day all the more exciting: is there anything more exciting than the words “free cupcake?”


There was a small crowd lined up for Flirty Cupcakes, choosing between Oreo Cookie, Red Velvet, Paradise Island or The McDreamy flavors, the latter consisting of chocolate cupcake with a cream cheese frosting and chocolate filling (which…how could anyone resist?).  


Elsewhere in Illinois on April 4, hundreds of lucky individuals took home free gas gift cards and free grocery gift cards, among other fun perks.

People often think of “luck” defined as grandiose moments: winning a million dollars, winning a trip to Hawaii, or finding true love. Luck is often tied to superstition: “if I wear my lucky socks, I’ll ace my job interview.” In reality though, to have good luck means to have good fortune, whether it means stumbling on a free cupcake or beating the traffic home just in time to catch the newest Grey’s Anatomy (yes, that’s still on).

When do you feel lucky? Use the #luckiseverywhere hashtag to celebrate your moments of good fortune and for information about how to play the Illinois Lottery, join the conversation online.

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