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It’s never fun when a friend or loved one suffers a fall, accident or injury. You can do your part to help brighten their day with a cheer up care package full of their favorite things.

This fall, my mom tripped walking her dog and broke her wrist, leaving her out of work for more than two months and in desperate need of some cheering up.

Because I live multiple states away from my family, the one thing I could do was head to the store and put together a care package full of her favorite things, plus a few treats and surprises.

Even though you’ll want to customize the care package based on their individual preferences, there are some staples that that would brighten anyone’s day. Chocolate, magazines and coffee or tea are only a few ideas. Here is a great checklist for anyone who wants to send or give a loved one some cheering up.


Something sweet

Even though there is a solid argument to be made for sticking with good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle after an accident or injury, nobody wants to receive a care package full of baby carrots.

Spring for the good chocolate like Chocolove, premium chocolate bars available in 24 flavors. The options are endless — think currants and almonds in dark chocolate or peach and pecan in milk chocolate. They’re available in full or miniature size and made with organic and fair trade ingredients, so you can indulge with minimal guilt.

I also like to throw in some candy. Candy makes you feel like a kid again, perfect for cheering up. In this case, my mom is a licorice fan, so I included black licorice and strawberry flavors, because who doesn’t love choice when it comes to sugary sweets?

Something for relaxation

Bath and body products, although a little cliched, are surefire ways to cheer up any woman. Scented soaps, bubble/foam bath, bath salts, lotions, are all easy choices.

Something baked

If you’re a baker, this is the perfect opportunity to use your favorite recipe: chocolate chip cookies, a hearty and comforting peanut butter banana quick bread. Most baked goods ship well, especially during colder months or in cooler climates (that is to say: don’t ship chocolate in the middle of the summer).

If you’re pressed for time or not feeling like doing the homemade thing, go ahead and do the store-bought thing. Tate’s Bake Shop makes delicious, crispy thin chocolate chip cookies, which are always a hit.


Something to read

Even in our digital age when people read everything on their tablets or smart phones, magazines are always entertaining and a great way to pass the time. If someone is under the weather, they might not want to commit to a novel, so magazines are the perfect for taking in a quick article in between naps.

Something to drink

Coffee is always a go-to gift, but if you know your friend or loved one isn’t a caffeine junky, toss in your recipient’s favorite tea, wine or spirits. My mother loved the Tazo tea that I bought when she visited this past summer, so I included a few boxes of English Breakfast, Earl Grey and Zen Green tea.

If you’re going coffee, Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen offers some great gifts and the retail selection in most Starbucks stores has become pretty impressive, offering coffee ground, instant and in K-cups.

If you want to go wine or spirits, I like including a gift card or certificate to an online wine club. Wine is tricky to ship and some states prohibit it entirely. Plus, if you’re sending a care package to someone who is under the weather, they might not be up for libations. ClubW lets you create a profile so you can receive the wines you like and is certainly something to look forward to when you’re recuperating at home.

Something uplifting

Lavender aromatherapy spray is a great way to help your friend or loved one cheer up and simultaneously relax. Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. Pair aromatherapy spray with soothing candles and you’ve perfectly rounded out your care package.

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