My Gym Confession

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I’m hooked.

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me well that I’ll plan my life around my next trip to the NYSC that sits merely two blocks from my apartment.

I’ll skip happy hour for a bike in a class with the “good” spin instructors, and I’ll even wake up an hour earlier on the busiest, meeting-packed weekday in order to cram in a 5K on the treadmill.

I use the Today Show to gauge whether I need to cut a workout short in order not to be really late to work. Because of course, morning workouts are usually followed by longer showers, plus 1 1/2 – 2 full mugs from my beloved Mr. Coffee 12-Cup.

What most people don’t know is that I have the cycling schedule memorized, I know who teaches all of the evening (and okay, the 6:15 am. and weekend classes) and which ones aren’t worth rushing home to make.

It’s not that I’m particularly buff, or even a die-hard aerobics enthusiast, but I can’t bring myself to miss spin class.

I don’t lift weights, I’ve been injured twice doing ab pilates and I’m convinced that running on a treadmill is harder than running outdoors, especially if you’re running on an incline.

(I mean, do you like to stare at yourself in the mirror, sweating, in stretch pants?)

Yet, I can easily identify the managers from the membership consultants and I know that the same girl who works the desk on weekday mornings goes to the Thursday night pilates-mat class (I’ve never taken it. But I’ve seen her there twice. She ALWAYS talks to me about the weather in the mornings. I think she’s really bored).

Plus, in our busy world, where you can barely make time to get an $8 manicure before meetings with clients, first dates, or other painted-nails-worthy events, I feel like I need to cram the gym in whenever I can.

I think to myself, if I don’t go today I might not go again for weeks!

I could get held up at work, spontaneously decide to go away for the weekend, or who knows – lose interest?


Most probably, it’s the automatic withdrawal on my bank statement every month is more than likely to keep me in focused.

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    June 13, 2008 at 3:00 am

    man I would give anything to get addicted to the gym!
    although, it is harder to run on treadmills the fact that the ground beneath you never changes and you hit with the same impact each time you land running is actually really hard on your knees.
    I’ve been wanting to try spin class to spice things up but I’ve been a little scared I won’t be able to pedal for longer than 10 min.

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