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Photo: Da Lobsta

You might not expect to find a seafood shanty in Chicago’s Gold Coast, but in a city where Italian beef and deep dish pizza are king, it’s more than welcomed. Da Lobsta is a relative newcomer that does one thing, lobster rolls, and does it well.

At Da Lobsta, you can order a top split hot dog-style roll with tarragon mayonnaise and garlic butter or one of their internationally influenced rolls, from an Asian lobster roll with soy mayo and Asian slaw to a Mexican lobster roll with salsa and chihuahua cheese.

No matter where you are, a lobster roll’s essential ingredients are simply a top split bun and lobster meat. The filling includes a few parts of the lobster: claw, tail and knuckles, dressed with mayonnaise and possibly lemon, paprika, Old Bay seasoning or celery.

At Da Lobsta, you can choose from one of eight lobster roll varieties and an assortment of lobster-laden side dishes, like lobster mac-n-cheese, lobster-crab spinach dip and lobster grilled cheese.

The traditional roll is served on a buttery, toasted bun complemented with the perfect amount of lobster. The bun is lightly dressed with tangy, tarragon mayonnaise, which even this mayo-hater liked.

Although decadent and certainly not low-cal, the lobster roll practically screams summer, beaches and sunshine. Be sure to enjoy one on the tree-lined patio outside the restaurant before the summer ends.

Da Lobsta, 12 East Cedar Street. For more information call (312) 929-2423 or visit online

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