Chicago: Eggs Benedict at Siena Tavern

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Siena Tavern Chicago
Siena Tavern Chicago

Photo: Siena Tavern

You might think you’ve had eggs Benedict. You might think you’ve had delicious eggs Benedict. The truth of the matter is that unless you’ve had the eggs Benedict from Siena Tavern, you’re wrong on both counts.We’ve kept mum on the home of the 12-ounce Kobe beef meatball and gnocchi so soft and light, it makes us cry salty tears of joy. We neglected to talk about the bomboloni, Italian doughnuts served in a paper bag alongside miniature squeeze bottles of chocolate, whiskey caramel and raspberry chianti sauces. If we had, it would only be that much harder to a score a much-coveted reservation.

Since Siena Tavern opened in February 2013, its seemed as though the entire population of Lincoln Park has been fighting its way through the revolving door to get a peek at LA-based Top Chef alum Fabio Viviani. Now that the crowds of adoring fans have moved on to Justin Bieber, we’ve moved on too…to Siena Tavern’s brunch menu.

From a restaurant that serves Italian shared plates for lunch and dinner, you might expect, well, Italian shared plates for brunch. Instead, you’re faced to choose between entrees that while still shareable, are less conducive to doing so than some of the evening options.

Siena Tavern Chicago

Photo: Leigh Loftus

Siena Tavern’s eggs Benedict starts with toasted brioche, a far cry from the English muffin you’re used to. Topped with perfectly poached eggs and crispy mortadella the icing on the cake is pesto hollandaise sauce, which tastes so green and herbaceous that it can’t possibly be a calorie-laden cream sauce.

If you’re feeling like a sweet brunch, you can’t go wrong with the caramelized waffle, topped with maple syrup, seasonal berries and Nutella butter.

We’ll just leave it at that.

Siena Tavern, 51 West Kinzie Street. For more information call 312-595-1322 or visit online.

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