18 Cheese Boards That You Probably Need Right Now

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I really wavered back and forth between titling this post “18 cheese boards YOU need right now and cheese boards I need right now. It’s probably both. When I made my 2018 holiday gift guide, I kept finding beautiful cheese boards and I wanted to buy every single one of them.

The problem is: I bought monogrammed cheese boards for my friends last year. Brad’s sister lives in San Francisco and I don’t think she’d appreciate having to stash marble slate in her carry-on home, and their mom used to work for Williams-Sonoma so she has every kitchen appliance, gadget and gear you could imagine. My mom doesn’t really entertain and I certainly don’t have the space in my kitchen to buy 18 cheese boards.

So. Here are a few of my favorites.

I hope that you or someone on your list need a cheese board for your next cheese and charcuterie board or wine and cheese party!

  1. Lacie 2 Layer Round Slate Cheese Tray: Double the tier means double the cheese with this slate bad boy — a total bargain! $37.
  2. Rectangular Slate Board with Rope Handles: I love the rustic look on this board — and the rope handles will make it easier to stack in your cabinet than traditional handles. $40.
  3. Marble & Brass Cheese Board: Another board with handles for easy transport from kitchen to wherever you happen to be enjoying cheese. $50.
  4. Blackened Wood Serving Board: If you have a flair for the dramatic, your cheese plate will stand out with this bold board. $50.
  5. Brass Inlay Marble Cutting Board: I love the two-tone look here. This would be just as cute for serving dessert as it would cheese. $50.
  6. Large Marble & Wood Cutting Board: Love the angular shape of this board — it’s classic and unique. $60.
  7. Marble and Glass Cheese Dome: Perfect for displaying and storing cheese, this will take your entertaining game to the next level. $60.
  8. Olive Wood Rustic Cutting Board: Cutting board, cheese board, who is keeping track? This board will be a stylish addition to your table. $60.
  9. Monogram Acacia Wood Cheese Board: If you like the monogram look, this adds a nice personalized touch to your cheese slate. $68.
  10. Oak Cheese Board & Wine Carafe: This is everything you need to serve wine and cheese. $70.
  11. Anthropologie Agate Cheese Board: If you’re the glitzy or glam type, there is no other surface on which you should serve cheese. $78.
  12. Marble & Copper Cheese Board: Since this is another marble and copper cheese board, I suppose you might say I have a type. This would look so cute on an appetizer table or next time you have a casual wine and cheese night at home! $80.
  13. French Marble Lazy Susan: Technically not a cheese board, I dare you to use this beauty for anything but. $100.
  14. Gold & Wood Cheese Board: Another two-tone set, this time a rich wood paired with gold trimmings. $100.
  15. Swivel Cheese Board and Set of 3 Knives: Perfect for small apartments, this cheese board has three knives that you can neatly store underneath it. $100.
  16. Larch Wood Round Cheese Board: Although round boards can be a little more challenging to store, I love how sturdy this is — perfect for entertaining!  $110.
  17. Fumed Oak Slab Cutting Board: This is the real deal — sturdy, made with solid oak and pulls double duty as both cutting board and cheese board.
  18. Cheese Dome with Ash Base: If you’re into the dome look, this is a nice departure from the white marble base that so many cheese boards have. $160.
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