Asian-Style Capellini with Ginger and Vegetables

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I miss summer. I miss summer for all of the reasons I like summer, but I also feel like a saner person during the summer. From June through September this year, I did a great job at eating healthy, working out almost every day and doing all of the things you’re supposed to do when you have about 60 pounds to lose. Then, like clockwork, October rolled around and I completely lost my momentum. I’ve maintained a 20 pound weight…

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Where to Order the Best Food Delivery in Chicago

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Winter in Chicago is no joke. Even though we have had approximately one cold day and have the entire autumn season stretching ahead of us, I’m already mentally preparing myself for a Chicago winter of avoiding leaving the house at all possible costs. That means Brad and I will order a lot of takeout/delivery food. The food delivery in Chicago is a pretty sweet thing: the options are endless. Thanks to apps like Caviar, DoorDash and GrubHub (these are referral…

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Slow Cooker Spiced Apple Butter

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Can you tell I’ve been on a slow cooker kick recently? Between making bolognese sauce in the slow cooker and rounding up 10 slow cooker recipes that I’m dying to try, you might say I’m a little bit obsessed with the idea of “set it and forget it.” So, it should come as no surprise that I decided to take three pounds of apples from the farmers’ market and make slow cooker apple butter. …

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10 Slow Cooker Recipes to Make on Sunday for the Week

Cooking for a Crowd, Recipes, Weekend Cooking, Worknight Dinners

In years past, I’ve been just as excited for fall as every other white girl who likes to wear leggings as pants and sip the annual pumpkin spice latte. Summer is hot and sticky and you sweat just standing outside, and there was a time in my life that I looked forward to sweaters. At some point in the past few years I’ve grown to appreciate, well — maybe cult-like worship is a better term — summer: weekend days by…

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