Gluten-Free Chocolate Naked Cake From Scratch

Recipes, Sweet Treats

Before I present you with my first attempt at a “naked cake,” let alone a gluten-free chocolate naked cake, I’m going to give you a few disclaimers: I’m not an especially talented cake decorator (I did live across the street from the Cake Boss bakery in Hoboken for two years, but I did not acquire any skills by walking by on my way to the PATH train). I’m also not an expert at gluten-free baking.…

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Wine Wednesday: Butter Chardonnay for Mother’s Day

Food, Wine

There are a few things that I inherited from my mom: her witty sense of humor, her complete and utter inability to keep a surprise to herself (“I’m sending you a birthday present….do you want me to tell you what it is?) and also, her love for snacks. Especially when you can eat those snacks for dinner. I’m not sure if a love for the snack-dinner is something that every mother dreams of passing on to her daughter, but my mother passed…

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Bacon-Mushroom Swiss Cheeseburgers

Cooking for a Crowd, Recipes, Weekend Cooking

I would say this is pretty typical of me. One day, I’m making egg white and veggie scrambles and telling you that you can eat a well-balanced breakfast for basically zero calories, and the next day I’m giving you bacon cheeseburgers. If I’m giving you whiplash, you should know that this is basically how I’ve been eating lately. I’ve been trying to eat a more nutritionally balanced diet most of the time so that I can lose a little weight and…

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