Must Eats: 9 Casual Restaurants in New York City

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Photo: Boqueria

It’s easy to go to New York City and find 7,000 options perfect for when you want to go out for a really special dinner. It’s not easy to go to New York City and identify which bakery has the best cookies, which pizzeria has the best pizza, or which café has the best soups and sandwiches.…

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Slow Cooker Chicken with Asian-Style Barbecue Sauce

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Everyone loves sauces, dressings, dips and spreads. I wrote an article for the November/December Chef Magazine, Dressing Saucy, all about how chefs can capitalize on consumers’ cravings for a spicy kick with sauces, condiments and dressings that crank up the heat. Before I get to my recipe for slow cooker chicken with Asian-style barbecue sauce, you need to hear about some of these sauces. …

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Where to Get the Best Fried Chicken in Chicago

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This past fall, I began writing for Chef Magazine, a trade publication for chefs and foodservice professionals.  My most recent story ‘Let’s Play Chicken‘ was about some the ways that chefs across the country are putting their own spin on the ubiquitous bird (hint: a lot of them are partial to fried chicken).…

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Healthy Make-Ahead Party Recipes [Hot Double Spinach Dip]

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I love to go out on New Year’s Eve. Now, I don’t love crowded bars or busy hotel celebrations, but I like to celebrate special occasions, like New Years’ Eve, at friends’ parties and going out to dinner. I love an excuse to get a little dressed up and have a night out. Brad, on the other hand, loves the Ohio State Buckeyes. and they happen to be playing in The Fiesta Bowl on Saturday night. Suffice to say, we’ll be spending…

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