Where to Get the Best Fried Chicken in Chicago

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This past fall, I began writing for Chef Magazine, a trade publication for chefs and foodservice professionals.  My most recent story ‘Let’s Play Chicken‘ was about some the ways that chefs across the country are putting their own spin on the ubiquitous bird (hint: a lot of them are partial to fried chicken).…

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Healthy Make-Ahead Party Recipes [Hot Double Spinach Dip]

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I love to go out on New Year’s Eve. Now, I don’t love crowded bars or busy hotel celebrations, but I like to celebrate special occasions, like New Years’ Eve, at friends’ parties and going out to dinner. I love an excuse to get a little dressed up and have a night out. Brad, on the other hand, loves the Ohio State Buckeyes. and they happen to be playing in The Fiesta Bowl on Saturday night. Suffice to say, we’ll be spending…

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Miniature Macaroni and Cheese Cups with Parmesan Crust

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One of my favorite, favorite food is macaroni and cheese. I like all versions of it: store-bought, boxed, homemade, from scratch, low-brow, gourmet. It’s comfort food, and it’s celebration food, and so versatile that even Brad, whose culinary abilities extend to making eggs and spaghetti, can whip up a reasonably tasty macaroni and cheese. This miniature macaroni and cheese cup recipe, prepared in ramekins, are the perfect party food or portion-controlled quick weeknight dinner.…

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Chewy Molasses Spice Cookies

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molasses spiced cookies

I know, I know. I’m sharing a cookie recipe after Christmas, right when the Internet is breathing a collective sigh of relief that cookie season is finally behind us and that it’s time to return to our regularly scheduled diets. I won’t lie, I have a yoga class scheduled this afternoon and I’m listening to non-Christmas music for the first time since Thanksgiving, so I appreciate the break. At the same time, I’m all for anything that will extend the festive Christmas…

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