Spicy Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Ranch Slaw

Cooking for a Crowd, Recipes, Worknight Dinners

  When you tell people that you work from home, they think you have all kinds of time. There are some definite work-life benefits. I like talking long walks with my dog instead of long commutes. I like the ability to throw in a load of laundry between conference calls. Nonetheless, when I work from home I am actually working. When I work from home, I’m absolutely not spending three hours cooking dinner. In fact, there are many days when I haven’t even…

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We Tried Home Chef and This is What Happened


Shortly after Brad and I moved in together, we realized we were ordering way too much takeout. We decided to stop stretching the “well, we just moved” excuse each time we ordered a pizza. Yes, I’m all about cooking from scratch and making up my own recipes, but that requires a lot of thinking and sometimes I just want to make dinner without thinking. So we signed up for Home Chef, a weekly meal delivery service that ships pre-portioned ingredients and recipes — the only…

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How To Stock a Basic Bar Cart [Plus: Cocktails!]

Entertaining, Home

We’ve talked about how to style a basic bar cart for your home, but how do you make stock your basic bar cart to make it practical and functional, too? A good assortment of spirits, mixers, garnishes, glassware and a few pieces of key barware are paramount to getting your at-home bartending game on. Whether you’re stocking your first basic bar cart or replenishing your spirits for upcoming entertaining needs, here’s how to do it without breaking the bank. What You Need…

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Hot and Spicy Crab Dip

Cooking for a Crowd, Recipes, Small Plates & Snacks
hot spicy crab dip

The first time I ever had crab dip was at a restaurant in The Tiger’s Tale, a simple bar and grill where my parents would take us to have dinner if we happened to be north of Princeton. It was nothing special, but probably a fun place to get drinks and appetizers if you live in the New Jersey suburbs and happen to like getting drinks and appetizers. I say this because the one thing on the menu that did stand out to…

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How to Cook Fish: a Beginner’s Guide to Cooking Seafood

Food, How-To

Once you know what you’re doing, fish is one of the easiest proteins to cook, even easier than a chicken breast. Until you reach that point though, seafood is daunting. We’ve covered how to select the best seafood, but what do you do once you get it home? There are plenty of cooking methods to choose from, but we dug up some of the most user-friendly fish at the market and have some tips for you about how to prepare and…

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