Spicy Sriracha Hashbrowns with Peppers and Onions

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spicy sriracha hash 2

Breakfast for dinner is a fun and fast way to get a healthy dinner on the table during the week. A lot of breakfast staples lend themselves nicely to pairings with vegetables, like omelets, quiche, frittata and Hungry Jack® Hashbrown Potatoes. Somehow, vegetables are far more appealing to me after 9:00 a.m., and judging by the fact that most coffee shops stock pastries and cakes instead of green salads, I’m guessing I’m not alone. If you want to enjoy your…

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Must-Haves for Distance Runners

Fitness, Living

It’s a little ironic that as an adult, I voluntarily run half marathons and long distances. I voluntarily wake up, sometimes before 6:00 a.m. while on vacation, to run a half marathon. This year, I’ve committed to run four half marathons and am fundraising for Youth Outreach Services, a Chicago organization that helps provide services for at-risk teens in Chicago who have been impacted y abuse, violence, homelessness and other situations beyond their control that I am lucky to have never…

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